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About CyForce

CyForce is a full service cybersecurity and digital forensic services company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We provide digital forensic exams to law firms, businesses, and individuals. The services that we offer range from single device forensic exams to large scale corporate network intrusion cases. Whatever your need, we have a team of forensic examiners here to help.

Our forensic examiners have over thirty years of combined experience in the field of digital forensics. Each forensic examiner is certified in both computer and mobile device forensic examinations. We also have examiners certified in network intrusion examinations.

About Cybersecurity

In our inter-connected world, cyber incidents have become all too common; from hacked devices and networks, denial of service attacks (DDoS), to stolen information like credit cards and social security numbers. No longer is it a matter of if your organization will be attacked, but when your organization will be attacked. It is imperative that all organizations, large and small, have a plan in place to respond to these, and many more, cyber incidents.

At its most broad definition, cybersecurity is the process by which organizations are protected against cyber incidents, either criminal in nature or simply a misuse of a digital resource. In practice cybersecurity is developing and deploying technologies and strategies to help your organization prevent, defend, and respond to a cyber incident.

About Digital Forensics

In our modern society our digital equipment contains a treasure-trove of information about us. Everything from when our last dentist appointment was to when we last met with our mistress. Because of this reliance on our modern technology to manage our personal information, digital evidence can make or break a case. Computers, smart-phones, and even network equipment can contain critical evidence that the user of that technology (and their attorney) may not know exists.

This is where digital forensics becomes vital. Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that focuses on the recovery of evidential items from electronic devices. CyForce's digital forensic experts can show you what digital evidence may exist for your unique case, and help you develop a plan for getting it. Our digital forensic examiners will:

  • Identify digital evidence that may be obtainable,
  • Create a prioritized list of recommendations for your case,
  • Develop a strategy for obtaining key electronic evidence, and
  • Guide you through the digital evidence collection and analysis process.

Computer Icon

Modern computers can store years, even decades, worth of information about their owners. In today’s society we use our computers for everything, from paying bills online to watching the latest episode of our favorite television show. With civil litigation and administrative proceedings it is vital to develop a complete picture of the computers owner. A certified computer forensic examiner will be able to recover this vital information and reconstruct the owner’s digital identity.

Mobile Phone Icon

For many Americans mobile phones (also known as smart-phones and cellphones) are the most important piece of technology that they own. They are no longer simply a device to make phone calls. With the latest technology these devices are digital wallets, personal assistants, and a hand-held computer. A mobile phone can store gigabytes worth of information about their owners. Some of this information they don’t even know the phone is storing, like the GPS coordinates for every Facebook chat they post or photograph they take. In the hands of a certified mobile device examiner an individual’s mobile phone can reveal that person’s deeply held secrets.

Computer Network Icon

Nearly every home, office, and coffee shop has an internet network within it. Most individuals use these networks without ever thinking about what is happening behind the scenes. Network devices, such as wireless access points, switches, and firewalls, can store valuable information about all of the network’s users. This information can be as simple as the time the individual started using the network, to complete copies of the websites that the individual visited. A certified network forensic examiner will be able to recover all of this vital information about the network users and then reconstruct an individual’s network activity.